"I do not expect that anyone will ever have the opportunity of constructing another course like Cypress Point, as I do not suppose anywhere in the world is there such a glorious combination of rocky coast, sand dunes, pine woods, and cypress trees." (Cypress Point architect, Alister MacKenzie, 1932).

"Cypress Point is a dream - spectacular, perfectly designed and set about white sand dunes and a cobalt sea, and studded with the Monterey cypress so bewilderingly picturesque that it seems to have been the crystallization of the dreams of an artist who has been drinking gin and sobering up on absinthe."  (OB Keeler, writer for The Atlanta Journal from 1913 to 1950, where he began to cover a young golfer named Bobby Jones, and the two quickly became friends.  O.B. was the man who borrowed the term Grand Slam from baseball and applied it to Jones's 1930 sweep of the four major golf championships.)


CP plays like a musical masterpiece.  The prelude takes place through dunes, an interlude through the forest, a  dunes reprise, then the climax of what is reputed to be (with apologies to Amen Corner) the finest 3 holes in golf:  15, 16, 17  on a wedge of Pacific cliffs. One moment in particular, approaching the 16th tee, only a most hardened heart would resist melting into its transpersonal beauty.  Finally, as a mind-altered pilgrim, you climb the cypress lines hill of the 18th fairway to reluctantly rejoin the world-as-it is.   


For several days, the beauty of Cypress Point remained vividly alive in a way hard to explain, co-existing with and brightening the world.  Nice.  But the point I’m here to make today is that we do not have to play Cypress Point to find this special dimension.  Access is available on any course.  We just need to slow ourselves down for a moment.  That $5 Nassau, that pre-occupation with a particular score, that foursome banter about sports, politics, works, or humor will still be there - even if you stop to appreciate that beautiful white golf ball stunningly framed by the green beneath it.  We could find the portal to another dimension not just at Cypress Point but playing on a pasture (as the game originated).  So, fate will determine if you play CP; yet any course has all the ingredients needed.



Dr. Rich