Play Golf To Be A Better Person

Golf is many things to many people. Whatever brings you to this great game, there is no wrong door. At DrRichGolf, you may find another perspective – one in which golf is viewed as a learning laboratory to train the mind, and, as a series of endlessly fascinating opportunities to come into contact with a greater understanding of ourselves and our world. At DrRichGolf, your score is interesting but a number is secondary to gaining a clearer view of yourself – a view which can bring you a greater sense of equilibrium and harmony.

After all, we should play golf to be better people, not just better golfers.

On the golf course, so much (and so little) is at stake. This is why golf is a learning laboratory – whether you realize it or not, your round of golf puts your entire psychology and philosophy of life up for your examination. You may, for example, find that it is important for you to answer one of the following questions “Who am I playing for?” “ What do others think of me?” “What does my golf game say about who I am?” “Can I ever be satisfied with my game?” “Why do I feel like quitting?” Eventually the greatest golfers find their way to and through some these questions. The result may allow some golfers to reach a higher tier of the sport, and may allow others to reach a more peaceful inner state.


In a recent article in Golf Digest, Jaime Diaz conveys an interesting glimpse into the inner world of an emerging golf presence, Bryson DeChambeau. “As a sophomore in 2014, he was ready to quit the game. ‘I was severely depressed…shooting 75s and 76s and becoming just a terrible, awful person to be around.’ After reading The Handbook of Athletic Perfection” he had a realization: ‘I saw that it’s not about winning, it’s how you behave in every situation, bad shot, good shot, that’s an opportunity to show my grace and character…the paradox is that by making the golf incidental, my golf would be its best. That’s when my life took a different course.’

Dr. Rich