Golf’s Most Basic Lessons


  1. Believe in yourself

  2. Play every shot as if you will lose anyway if it is not executed

  3. Commit to every shot

  4. Leave missed shots behind as soon as possible

  5. The difference between a good and bad score (winning and losing) is only a few momentary lapses of attention

  6. There are unlimited excuses – let them go as soon as you recognize you are using them

  7. Be part of some greater whole – be in harmony with the way things are

  8. Success is as dangerous as failure: avoid both



  1. Develop a routine and follow it always

  2. Simplify the routine

  3. Stay within your game: do not try shots beyond your likely capability

  4. If you do not know where you are hitting it to– step away

  5. Feel your tempo



  1. Play every shot to go into the hole

  2. Always have a target

  3. Think through the shot…commit to the shot…make a good swing



  1. When walking between shots, be comfortable with yourself

  2. Do the right thing with your swing and with other people

  3. Your behavior is more important than your score

  4. The game is social, but golf is private

  5. Maintain good body language – sometimes good swings create smiles; sometimes it’s the other way around

  6. Always maintain your dignity


Dealing with competition

  1. Do not expect your competition to lose to you – you have to play your game and you may win

  2. Do not be vulnerable to great shots by your competition – if they were not capable of them, you would not be playing against them

Dr. Rich