One of Dr. Rich’s first clients left an envelope behind with the following:

I now understand how much I have learned about life from golf.
I now understand how much I have grown from golf.
More than I ever did from psychotherapy, or from reading.
Golf contains this hidden opportunity.
I have become a better person, and I recall your telling me that we play golf to be better people not just better golfers.
And, as far as a better golfer goes, I am content. 
I never became a professional, so golf is not my business, so what is it about?
What is life about?
You told me to listen to the complaints of aging people and golfers:
        “My game is gone.”
        “My score is never good enough.”
        “I was disappointed again today.”
        “My next round will be better.”
        “I'm addicted to golf but not happy with it.”

What we're really all doing is trying to find a way through life, a way to make sense of the good and bad breaks that we cannot explain, the hazards and penalties, the transient joys and dashed expectations, and most of the all the recognition of the ultimate approach of the end of the round, which lies somewhere ahead.
        So, I think we can learn to come to terms with life through golf.  If you have another path, that's great, there are many.  If you play Golf, there is something that brought to you to this game, so now is the time to make sense of that.  

Dr. Rich