Dr Rich Golf® Tweets

Many Dr. Rich Golf® followers have gotten in touch me to ask, “What happened to you daily tweets?”  I had established quite a string – over two years where I did not miss posting a daily tweet about golf.  For those of you not familiar with these, the tweets had nothing to do with my personal life, current events, politics or sports.  Each tweet was offered as a daily inspirational thought - a catalyst for self-reflection, or some observation about the beauty and mystery of the game of golf.  More so, since the slogan of Dr Rich Golf is BETTER GOLF BETTER LIFE®, the tweets often challenged people to think about how to bring lessons from the golf course into their everyday life.  I will be taking a hiatus from daily posting in order to transform this compendium of over 700 tweets into a book.  I have them organized into 18 categories (perfect!), and have been thinking about writing a brief essay to introduce each topic.  Maybe I can find an illustrator to add some section headings, or potentially use some golf photos.  In any case, it seems like a worthwhile project.  A simple solution would be to use these as a 365-day golf inspiration calendar, which I may consider creating through some Amazon publishing outlet. Sorry to disappoint those followers looking for their daily fix, but these will return at some point.  

Dr. Rich